Single Wall Kitchen Space Floor Blueprints And Plans - A List Of Important Features And Attributes To Look Out For & Common Applications On Different Kitchen Shapes.

Single wall kitchen space floor plans are fantastic for small homes with smaller sized kitchen areas. Compared to work triangles used to create a kitchen layout for conventional kitchen floor plans and blueprints.

The single wall floor plan features only one work line and positions all three kitchen zones beside each other against one wall.

This is what allows such a floor plan to occupy less area but with the most efficiency.

The loss of efficiency is affected only by the linear concept of the design. This inevitably force people to work along a straight line within a small space.

In practical conditions, this means you will have to walk forward and backward to your appliances while preparing food.

Apart from of the flaws, the single wall floor style and design remains a viable solution, especially for small homes and cooking areas that can't afford to have too many items.

Are There Ways To Make Single Wall Kitchen Floor Plans And Blueprints More Practical?

Without a doubt, but you also have to bear in mind that regardless of how many tricks and strategies you use, the design of a single wall kitchen usually remain the same.

Movement and efficiency is going to be limited, nevertheless there are ways to eliminate this problem.

The first trick is to keep the line small. The more modest your kitchen is, the faster it is usually to get from point A to point B. Conversely, a long line will force you to walk backward and forward from one end of the kitchen to the other.

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Single wall kitchen floor plans can be further improved with the use of additional space for storage. A great way to do this is stacking up your cabinets into a small, single space, with all the wall pantries stacked on top of the lowest storage areas.

Carpet cleaning is quite essential for clean houses. You can do-it-yourself or get professional guidance since professional service has several advantages.

By cutting down the capacity of space taken up by all the cabinets, you get the option of including more kitchen appliances into the kitchen. This is perfect for those who have limited resources.

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Another technique to improve the productivity of a single wall kitchen space would be to install the basin at the center of the line. You will be able put the freezer or fridge and cook top on whichever side of the sink so as to make your cooking even more convenient.

It will allow you to reduce the area between each kitchen floor area, therefore improving the efficiency of your movement as well as reducing the traffic around the kitchen.

Lastly, if you wish to improve the flow of a single wall kitchen then chances are you should arrange your kitchen fittings in the following sequence:

1. Shelves and freezer

2. Countertops and washbasins

3. Microwave and cook-top

4. Dinning area.

You can also reverse this order if you like. But, remember to follow the sequence. This will let you continue cooking even while moving in a straight line.

Deciding upon the right flooring is very important. You can use different varieties of flooring for several rooms. For example a children's room could have a rubber floor while you can pick wood for the main living room.

Of course, in case this sequence is inconvenient for you, or perhaps you have other designs then don't be afraid to make some modifications to make things easier.

Bare in mind that with single wall kitchen area, efficiency has to be your top priority.

What Are The Good And Bad Points Of Single Wall Kitchen Space Floor Plans?

Main benefits

- You get to save lots of space.

- The smaller your kitchen is, the simpler it will be to construct a single wall kitchen space design.

- Single wall kitchens are ideal for people who are living in small condominiums.

- Single wall kitchen area are ideal for people who are happy to use small appliances and countertops.


- The single wall kitchen cannot make your small kitchen bigger. Similarly, This type of design is not suitable for large kitchens.

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- This design and style is not always recommended for large appliances, because they use up too much space.

- This single wall kitchen is just not efficient. That is because the flow of traffic right through the kitchen is just a straight line.

This makes movement in the kitchen a big problem if many people uses the kitchen space concurrently.


Single wall kitchen floor layouts may not be as popular as other kitchen floor plan layouts, nevertheless they are reliable and efficient if you do have a small kitchen. Even though they may not offer you plenty of room, what counts is that they are most effective when they are needed.

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