Melt All Chocolate Slowly And Over Extremely Low Heat

Nothing is more enjoyable than melting chocolate. Chocolate has been around for hundreds of years, as a treat, a medicine, and a stimulating beverage.

Who would not have preferred chocolates for dessert? Chocolate based sweets are now a traditional dessert of people all over the world. Its popularity paved the way for many variants of chocolate desserts to come out.

There are various forms that melting chocolate comes in. It is vital that you make use of the correct type for cooking so your recipes turn out precisely the way you want. There is melting chocolate for dipping and melting chocolate for molds. You can buy ordinary chocolate and melt it to use for recipes but at times this does not work as properly as baking chocolate.

The Godiva chocolate company renders and markets top notch chocolate-related products. Godiva sells truffles, coffee, cocoa and also chocolate liqueurs.

You may even buy melting chocolate for cake pops and melting chocolate chips. Where do you start? Perhaps the best place to start is learning how to melt chocolate properly.

Techniques For Perfectly Melted Chocolate

If you wish chocolate to taste perfect, here are some suggestions you must follow.

First, make sure all the chocolate is cut up in equally or near equal size pieces. Moreover make sure you have the proper equipment. A hot-water bath, microwave oven, or double boiler works well. Never attempt to melt chocolate using a whole bar, this does not work well and will result in tragedy.

Avoid contact with water since this may cause the chocolate to get spastic. Chocolate is delicate and any alternation in its texture associated with mixing chocolate with water will cause it to melt un-uniformly.

Melt all chocolate slowly and over very low heat. Make sure to mix it continuously. Chocolate has to be mixed gradually and continuously.

In relation to excellence and taste nothing surpasses Valrhona chocolate. The chocolatier is well-known for its quality process which includes ISO 22000 standardization, received in 2006.

Work out any lumps gently.

Use a rubber spatula and gently press any lumps against the edges.

Stir the chocolate regularly.

When using a microwave oven, use a low setting to prevent burning the chocolate, and use quick intervals stirring the chocolate between each interval. Rotate the bowl at each interval. Use 1 minute for every one ounce of chocolate, or three minutes for each 4 to 8 ounces of chocolate.

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If you use a double boiler, you will have to place chocolate in the top of a bowl and allow it melt over the indirect heat. Use a bowl that can fit over the top of the sauce pan. The pan should have hot water from the tap enough to give heat however, not so much that the bottom of the chocolate bowl will touch the water. Mix the chocolate constantly till it is smooth and melted.

Sometimes there will be a recipe that asks that chocolate is stirred and mixed with some other things like milk, cream, water or any other liquids. This might allow the chocolate to be melted faster and more conveniently, and prevent it from getting too hot. But it even changes the consistency of the chocolate. If blending the chocolate with something else it is essential to use at least a one to two ratio of other liquids. This will prevent dry particles of chocolate from binding with other substances, creating a lumpy texture. Occasionally more liquid might be needed for every two ounces of chocolate partly due to the thick ratio of chocolate.

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Chocolate also has a tendency to seize up particularly when cold liquid are added to it. Thus, it is necessary not to add any cool liquids to chocolate until it has a chance to cool-down. Let chocolate to cool down before dipping in cool liquids. If chocolate has been beat, allow for air bubbles to dissipate before adding anything else to it.

Chocolate Recipes That Will Impress

There are several fantastic chocolate recipes which include melting or dipping of chocolate. A few of the more common chocolate recipes include chocolate and fruit. Nothing is more satisfying than bananas or strawberries dipped with melted chocolate. There are other fruits however that taste just as fulfilling, these consist of raspberries.

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