EPX Body Review: The Death Of Pricey Auto-Ships And Other Network Marketing Hokey-Pokey

Exp Body is a new network marketing company that was launched in March of 2012 by Dan Putnam, a prosperous network marketing distributor.

EPX Body is located in Utah where countless network marketing firms are headquartered and gives a selection of 7 products in the weight-loss and wellness categories together with a good opportunity to earn revenue as a promoter.

While most network marketing firms operate in a very comparable manner, you will find some key points which make the EPX Body opportunity shine from the crowd. This article will go into detail as to what makes EPX Body unique among "traditional" network marketing businesses.

There has been a ton of attention all over about the Monavie business recently, many labeling it the "biggest and best" thing out there right now in MLM. But, in this review, I will answer the question, is there any material to this business or is it all just hype?

What Makes EPX Body Unique?

Each and every network marketing company has some kind of deal to attract more distributors as well as customers, and EPX Body has some deals that have not been seen in the network marketing industry before. These deals send a message that network marketing can be just and profitable concurrently.

QNet is a business on the rise, right now, based on Google trends, with regards to search volume. This kind of grabbed my interest somewhat so I went to see why folks are suddenly going crazy for QNet.

The first deal on the EPX Body list is the make certain that you will obtain $1000 per month within 6 months or perhaps you can get all of your autoship money refunded. The terms and conditions are that you need to sponsor 5 people with at least 2 who remain active for the 6 month period. In the event that at that time you have achieved the requirements and you do not wish to continue, you may process your refund.

This is certainly a bold move as well as the first time I have ever seen a network marketing company put their money where their mouth is. Virtually all network marketing firms offer a 30-day money back guarantee on their products, however EPX body has pushed that to the next level, after which some.

Max International is a company which had been established in January of 2006 that is starting to make some noise and is particularly well worth taking a closer look at.

The next offering of EPX Body is that of a guaranteed minimum check. This functions when you have at the least 4 active members on your front line. If the total of your residual commissions do not sum up to match what you spend on your autoship (up to $40), EPX Body will cover the difference so you're sure to earn at the least $40 per month. This is certainly another first in the network marketing arena and has already recognized to raise retention rates that set industry records.

Is it worth your time to grow to be a Xango distributor? You will find thousands of Network marketing firms in the very same marketing niche within the wellness and wellness sector that you just can choose from.

As with several network marketing firms, distributors can retail products for increased bonuses. While in most network marketing businesses the customers need to be on a monthly autoship for the referring distributor to gain bonuses, EPX Body pays full bonuses on every customer order placed by your clients. This takes a great deal of the headache and hassle out of running a successful retail operation.

In addition, EPX Body does not charge members for their replicated marketing websites or tools like the built-in autoresponder as well as contact manager. Usually network marketing companies charge extra for the online tools which only raises the already expensive overhead.

Money Gifting Programs have been in existence for many years and people have been gifted millions of dollars over the years. While you may be wondering if cash gifting is legal, ethical and moral. In case you have those questions and more, Read through THIS before joining a cash gifting program.

Lastly, EPX body signifies the death of costly auto-ships and costs to join the program. At only $40 to join as well as a minimum autoship of $40 per month, EPX Body is positioned to expand fast considering that most network marketing companies charge upwards of $500 to join and more than $100 per month for the needed minimum autoship.

There are considerably more neat things about EPX Body that make it really stand out from the crowd, but I don't wish to spoil all of your fun. Head over to my blog and have a look at the full EPX Body review or just go on and sign up through my link here and you can begin your journey to creating a life that most individuals only dream of.

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