Do The Side Effects Of Niacin Influence Your Health?

The side effects of niacin have been researched by both conventional and natural scientists. Many laud vitamins and supplements as the solution to balancing mankind health problems and making the society healthier. Though many consider the effects positive there are side effects of niacin supplements reported by some sufferers. The issue with this nonetheless is that with any drug or supplement there are always those who can improper use the supplement or have interactions with other drugs to cause a problem. This is why it is essential to contact your medical supplier before starting on any additional dietary supplements to your diet just in case.

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Niacin or nicotinic acid is a B vitamin that occurs normally in plants and animals. Many food suppliers also add it as a supplement to food products such as rice. It is used to treat high levels of cholesterol and also triglycerides in the blood with the aim of lowering a risk for heart attacks. It has also been prescribed to persons who have already suffered a heart attack to cure atherosclerosis. It is important to take medications in the dosage prescribed so taking more might cause side effects and is particularly dosed in amounts to release little by little into the body. There have also been studies that show high levels of niacin might help cure those with chronic depressive disorders as symptoms niacin levels in the body are low can be misdiagnosed as melancholy.

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The adverse effects niacin might cause on the body can be things as small as a defective reading on an urinalysis to things significant as stomach ulcers and hemorrhage. As with any bleeding issue this can be further exacerbated by other medicines or the use of alcohol. The most frequent side effects of niacin are flushing. Flushing includes symptoms such as redness, itchiness, as well as a warm or tingly feeling under the skin. This can be most irritating but does only occur when starting a niacin regimen and will usually fade away over time. There have also been cases including dizziness upon standing so it is important to be careful as this could cause an awful fall and injure patients taking the pill further. Patients with liver problems are advised not to take niacin as high levels could be toxic and cause further harm to the liver. This is true of any medication but it is one of the primary reasons that only lower doses are accessible without a prescription.

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When given niacin it is usually in small doses at first. The recommended daily allocation or RDA of niacin is actually pretty low at 2mg a day for infants to 18mg per day for adults. Although nearly all people do get enough niacin in their diet programs some people can suffer from pellagra, a niacin deficiency, and will require amounts of between 50-100mg total daily. Non prescription levels of niacin are typically on a much lower dosage scale to avoid possible side effects. Nutritional supplements are controlled by a different governing body and as a result of the contents allow a much lower over the counter amount because of the high risk of liver harm.

Herbal health supplements are remedies made from the leaves, stems, roots as well as seeds of particular plants. They are also called alternative, holistic, natural or perhaps complimentary medications.

Prescription niacin is usually taken as Niacor, Niaspan, Slo-Niacin or several other brands. With a daily dose as given there should be little proof for side effects of niacin, 500mg or more than the maximum 1000mg dose at one time is probably cause an overdose to the system and the side effects could be severe. Any overdose should be treated immediately either by contacting paramedics or contacting a poison control center.

Do The Side Effects Of Niacin Influence Your Health?
The side effects of niacin have been investigated by both conventional and natural specialists. A lot of laud vitamins and supplements as the key to balancing mankind health issues and making the society healthier.

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