Claiming Ppi Can Be Done By Most People, All They Require Is The Fundamental Information

PPI is made to give people peace of mind. In times of need, claiming ppi is an easy thing to do. Although most people might be intimidated or afraid off by the seemingly problematic process of claiming ppi, it is not an impossible task. Claiming ppi can be done by most people, all they need is the basic understanding of PPI, proper guidance, and the confidence to make an effort in claiming ppi.

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In claiming ppi and in order to know if a person has a PPI policy on his loan agreement or recent bank statement, he should check the fine print. Normally PPI is also referred to as loan cover, mortgage protection insurance, lifestyle cover, accident/illness/ unemployment cover, or simply "protected" policy. Another consideration in claiming ppi is the fact that the PPI must be mis-sold.

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To know if a person has been mis-sold PPI by a bank or a loaning company, here are some indicators of mis-sold PPI: customer was not told the PPI is optional, customer was sold a premium policy that does not cover the totality of their loan, client was sold another PPI despite the fact that they possess already bought a loan cover somewhere else, customer does not have any knowledge that a PPI policy was being included in their loan, client was not fully aware of the cost of the PPI policy, customer was clearly financially unstable yet a PPI policy was included in their loan, consumer was entitled to have a full sick pay from the business they are with, and customer was pressured in signing for the PPI, among others. If one or more of these situations happened to a client, they are eligible for claiming ppi.

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For people who are intrigued in reclaiming ppi, some of the prerequisites they must prepare are fundamental facts and files including the name of the bank or company that sold them the PPI and the loan reference number. The real document, recent statement, or original agreement is necessary as well. Another thing to get ready in claiming ppi is a letter to be sent out to the insurance company. Details that must be included in the letter in claiming ppi are the reference number of PPI, particular date, address of client, address of business, name of the company, application that was applied for by the client, date of application, reasons why the PPI policy was mis-sol, an explanation why the deal was unfair, and a solicit for a full refund of all the premiums and payments made towards the PPI coverage. There must also be an 8% statutory interest for every payment as assigned by the court in claiming ppi.

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After the correspondence has been sent claiming ppi premiums, the company is given 8 weeks by the court to do acceptable action about the refunds. If within the 8 weeks the company does not reply about the request in claiming ppi, the action must be brought to the Financial Ombudsman, which is the highest organization that handles everything concerning claiming ppi.

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